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#1 Rskingdom

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Wysłany 24 kwiecień 2019 - 09:06

"Why can you purchase mesos with real life money, that is one of Maplestory M Mesos the most absurd things I have ever heard" If they don't make that potential, the goldsellers will, this is the sad fact. This happens in every single mmo where trading is possible. While we hate it in-game money can be bought with real world currency, I do not think it's likely to have an MMO anymore where you cannot do that. (except in mmos where u can not exchange obviously) Giving the players a legit method of doing so, will protect against scamming and if the only system of buying mesos with real world currency is against the rules, then the gamers who would violate these rules and purchase mesos with actual world currency from goldsellers would have an advantage over players that are legit. So no, I don't think it's ridiculous to allow this.

If it is just PvE where you can have a paid advantage in a totally free to play game then I'm fine with it since it doesn't hurt others, provided that there is not any method to acquire an advantage for PvP play (that the short time for PvP in Maplestory OG there was no benefit at all from gear or anything like this, I miss the original carnival PQ in which you struggled monsters for points - it was super fun competitively and also for grinding too!) . They need to make money somehow on a totally free to play game so I'm fine with purchasing things with money regardless of what it's provided that it doesn't influence other players straight. ?

So, as for me, I am officially done with this game, so I watched this review to get some merit out of my own time spent in Maple2. I'd like to go over a number of those points in this movie. Allow me to start off with stating that I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit about the Maple , even after Big Bang came out. I was not a"funded" player, that whaled in money for Nexon to squander on other endeavors, but I really do have a profound love for buy Maple M Mesos this first installment. It's very hard for me to not compare the two match as you think the devs would've learned from their first endeavor although I do realize that Maple two is it's own thing.

#2 FioleK18

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Wysłany 14 maj 2019 - 03:26

Jesteście tutaj jak najbardziej pomocni. Wiedziałem, żeby tutaj zajrzeć.
Ona jest tlenem, wodorem, azotem, wapniem i fosforem.

#3 toooy

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Wysłany 06 czerwiec 2019 - 17:07

Na pewno jest tutaj wiele rozwiązań. Widziałem sporo takich tematów.
Wolę się z tobą kłócić, aniołku, niż śmiać z kimkolwiek innym

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